Q. When is Ivy Hill Christian Academy (IHCA) scheduled to open?

A: Our official opening day was Fall of 2017.

Q. Which grades will IHCA offer?

A: The school will offer grades K-6 in the first year, and will add a grade each year until it becomes a K-8 school.

Q. Where is IHCA located? And what does the school campus offer?

A. IHCA is located at 1331 Ivy Hill Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19150. The campus consists of 48,000 sq. ft. of developed space. The building is state of the art with 16 well-designed, generously spaced classrooms; a middle-school sized gymnasium; an industrial kitchen; a science lab; library and teachers lounge. It is a green facility with skylights that give ample light during the day and 21 zones for heating and cooling. There are security cameras throughout the building and outside the building.

Q. What school electives will be provided to the students at IHCA?

A. Beyond the standard core curriculum offerings, every student will partake in Foreign Language (Spanish), CODE/Digital Fluency, Art, Orchestra and Physical Education.

Q. I’ve heard a lot about IHCA’s “STEAM” emphasis. What does this mean?

A. IHCA’s curriculum will be enhanced with STEAM, which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.” It will incorporate computer programming via the CODE program (Code.org), problem solving, project-based learning, creative thinking, art and design, and character development.

Q. What will the tuition be?

A: The tuition will be $5,500.00 per year. Parents interested in financial aid should email the Admissions Clerk at info@ivyhillchristianacademy.com . Please put “Financial Aid” in the subject heading.

Q. What other costs are incurred, beyond tuition?

A. Lunch, transportation, and uniforms will be additional fees.

Q. Are payment plans provided?

A. Payments can be remitted annually, each semester, or on a monthly basis.

Q. When will applications be available and when is the deadline?

A. Applications are available now. You can find our application at ivyhillchristianacademy.com . The deadline for application submission is August 15, 2018.

Q. What is admission based on?

A. Admission is based off of an initial application, a principal or teacher recommendation, transcript request form, and up-to-date medical records. Following reviews by IHCA’s admission committee, desired applicants will be interviewed to determine final acceptance and placement.

Q. Does my student have to be a Seventh-Day Adventist to attend IHCA?

A. No! Ivy Hill Christian Academy is open to students of all faiths.

Q. Will the school also be under the umbrella of the Allegheny East Conference?

A: The school, as is the church, will be part of Allegheny East Conference.

Q. What are the school hours?

A.  School will take session from 8:30am-3:30pm Monday – Thursday, and 8:30am-2:30pm on Fridays. If students are eating breakfast we suggested that students arrive at 8:00 am and they are escorted to cafeteria.

Q. What explicitly is the school asking of the churches?

A: We are asking churches to support this project through prayer and fasting, and to realize the tremendous need in our community. Second, the school is asking the members to join in supporting through the 1-in-200 plan (200 people giving $100.00 a month), and to find other family and friends who would be willing to assist in its implementation. Third, we are asking the churches to actively recruit students and businesses who would support the school.

Q. My question wasn’t listed here. Where can I learn more, or reach out to someone to talk to about IHCA?

A:  Information about IHCA can be maintained in many different outlets.

Email Address - info@ivyhillchristianacademy.com

Website Address - www.ivyhillchristianacademy.org

Phone Number - (267) 428-0140 or (267) 422-3090

Mailing Address -  1331 Ivy Hill Road, Philadelphia, PA 19150

Social Media (Twitter & Instagram) - @IHCAPhila

Facebook - www.facebook.com/IHCAphila